Having found a spot for our Tuesday model shoot we were all set. But Monday morning racing was delayed due to some damp conditions on the track. In fact it was delayed all the way until late afternoon. Jonathan and I had decided to head down to Ballacraine- a 90 right-hander, where the course heads-up through the valley towards Glen Helen. Because the road we needed to go straight to this corner was about to be closed for racing, we took the coast road which was lovely and easy.

But when we got to Ballacraine, at half past noon, the road was still open (= no racing yet) and soon we learned that Monday's schedule would be pushed into Tuesday. This meant that the photo shoot with our model, who is flying in from Belfast Ireland could not be done at the Bungalow because the very road that we needed to get there would be closed for racing. Now at the last minute we needed to try to find a new Setting up for our shoot. To make a long story short, we headed down to Castletown, didn't find anything we liked, lost 45 minutes when the Ariel refused to start, and found ourselves back at the same corner at 3:30 in the afternoon. The road was still open, so we abandoned everything and decided to go back to campsite. Tired and grumpy I said hell with it; let's just go straight back on the road.

HOWEVER I suddenly realized that there was nobody ahead of us, and nobody behind us. Jonathan and I were on the TT course, with the marshals ready, and the crowd watching. I couldn't resist, and I started waving at the crowd. It was ridiculous. Then a second thought came into my mind: the road was about to close any minute, and if we we're waved off inside the course we would be stuck there all day. So I started to push. I was riding a 70 -year-old Machine, with 70-year-old brakes, and believe me when you are going 60, it feels like 120! We got back in one piece, but that 6 mile run is something I will never forget. My brother Jonathan got me into motorcycles and then into racing....

and so

the two of us going down the TT course,
through Glen Helen and Cronk-y-Voddy Straight
on race day, on Vintage English Motorcycles,
onthe gas and pushing....

was a dream come true.

#sorrynotsorry: there's no other term for it.


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