SEARCH & MOUNTAIN - But we had a mission. We needed a suitable setting for a Vintage Bike Shoot- (why?) - A: Back in June Simon look at me over a cup of tea and said are we doing a photo shoot with a model on the island? Man... I said- I don't have a model, and I don't have a bike. And on top of everything the Isle of Man is a Road Racing Mecca- I normally shoot dirt bikes. I think it's against the law for me to shoot a Siege Model with anything other than a road bike, it really needs to be a full on Vintage Road Racing bike. But Simon insisted. He said you have to!

Then Hellfire (Seattle HB Teammmate) said call Keith McKay- (IOM TT Race Marshall Organizer) back when Chis Denzler (WMRRA Racer) was racing on the island in 2002, Keith organized that marshals up in the Ramsey part of the TT Course. Well, one thing led to another and soon I was talking to the Alex Aitchison, (Deputy Chief Scrutineer IOM) He made a call and in the twinkling of an eye Lee Allen (his right hand man & collector) was driving a Sprinter Van all the way from London with the Manx Norton that had finished 2nd twice in 1962 & 1963. And a Jawa Featherbed 500 Special. It couldn't have been more perfect. Additionally I worked a little magic and soon we had an airline ticket for Irish Model Ema to fly in from Belfast Ireland.

SO the pressure was on and I needed to find a proper setting/background for the shoot. Jonathan and I departed the Motordrome headed over the Mountain. I was riding the Dominator 600 and Jonathan was riding the Triton 750. I was thinking the snaking shape of the course up by the Bungalow would be perfect.

Despite the sturdy vintage machines underneath us I was keenly aware that the most likely way for us to die on this part trip was to be hit from behind by somebody on big modern bike going up the mountain. I had the 600 at about 75, and Jonathan pulled away from me on the 750. I was staying as far left as possible as modern bikes went by me at an easy 120mph. And yet riding a proper vintage Norton up the mountain was incredible! Thankfully there was a pro photographer stationed at the Gooseneck to capture passersby, and I tried to make Geoff Duke proud.

Jonathan and Charlie greeting Isle of Man Hero, Irishman Joey Dunlop at the Bungalow, where we thought the setting for our shoot would be....

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