SIEGE MODEL SHOOT The shoot location had been set for "the Bungalow"- up high on the Snaefell Mountain, with a famous view of the circuit where the railroad tracks cross by the foot bridge.

But the Manx Grand Prix schedule pushed Monday racing into Tuesday, which meant that we would not be able to get there, as the road up was now trnsfomed into race course! We scrambled to find a new location. Simon came back that evening and showed me a photo he'd taken on his day out exploring ... of his '59 Norton Dominator here at Fleshwick Bay and I immediately said THAT! That is where we need to shoot.

Note the volunteer photographer in the background! So cool that strangers are willing to help. :-)

There is a full 4 page spread on this beautiful machine HERE.


Photo Shoot Crew: Left to Right: Simon Reilly (HB Shirt)

Rider and original owner Peter Darvill with Legendary Manx Tuner Francis Beart

Lee Allen Irish Model Ema Jonathan Stuart (teal Shirt)

and the gorgeous 1961 Norton Manx live in Fleshwick Bay, Isle of Man

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