We all find ourselves, from time to time, without tools. This time it was shortly after we had dropped our model off at the Manx Airport. Riding back to Douglas, we decided to get off the main road, so we turned off onto the Old Castletown Road. And the throttle cable snapped on Woody's Norton. After trying to see if we had anything we culd grasp the cable with, I knocked on a farmhouse door, and the lady who appeared was wonderful- and rummaged around till she found a box of nuts and bolts. I asked what kind of business they were running, and she said ASTROLOGY. I was going to ask if they could predict if we'd get the 750 Triton back to Kirk Michael alive, but I realized that'd be a professional question.... So this was the new throttle arrangement, at least for the Isle of Man Course - and I rode with on hand on the bars, and one leaning, kind of angling the bolt against the perch lever , so I could apply throttle.... (the dent in my forehead was an OEM Norton dent... front fender, trying to get the tank off )

the Classic Combination of historic setting & good friends is impossible to beat.. Here, the gang delighted to be together.

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