SHOOT, part 2: shooting the Jawa 500 Road Racing Special PEEL CASTLE, Isle of Man

LEE: I went to the bikers classics in Spa, i was overtaken by a Jawa, Manx Norton with a Jawa Speedway engine in it. The session finished, i chased the guy to his paddock area and asked what the fuck is that?

He said it's a Norton frame with a Jawa Speedway engine. I asked, as its a speedway engine, how do you get the oil back to the tank? Over a couple of days I got to speak to him and know him more, as I was leaving, i said i will be back, i am going to build one of those, i will be back to see you next year.

I built the bike with a replica frame and help from friends who did the exciting bits. Speedway services, Norfolk supplied the engine and Tony Etherington rebuilt and tuned the engine initially. This was in 2007. I did eat beans for a year to build this bike, it cost approximately 9000.00 to build, without labour.

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