Superstar Sally with Tony Devino's 's 1956 Maico KLP Special on the Everett shoreline.

The 1956 Maico KLP Special

Tony Devino had Karl Landrus build this marvelous machine. He had seen a similar machine Karl had built for another customer, and commissioned a ground up race ready Special. The motor is KLP build ported and tuned to secret sauce specs. The KLP pipe & silencer are hand built. Motor mounts are all custom made to fit the frame. Husqvarna hubs work great on this, said Karl- and I found out I could use the same brake assembly on both front and rear. The swing arm is a slightly modified BSA A-10 item and a BSA C-15 frame.

It was concieved by Karl Landrus as a multi-Nation Bike: German Engine, English Frame, Japanese Rims, but American Tank / Pipe / Silencer / Levers / Chain Guard / Mounts.

Superstar Sally is our Model - and the shoot was in mid-October, Everett Shoreline in Washington.

1956 Maico 250 Engine

BSA C15 Frame

BSA Goldstar Swingarm

Husqvarna Forks

Husqvarna Hubs

Takasago Excel Rims


KLP Pipe

KLP Silencer

KLP Tank

KLP Brake Lever

KLP Chain Guard

KLP Airbox

KLP Side Plates



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