Model Little Red with the Editor's 1973 CZ 400 Rattlers Run Farm, Fairfield Washington.

Many many people helped : starting with a pile of parts (frame hubs triples etc) from George Eadie bottom end built by Reid Saario Jug ported by someone (?) for Jim Gibson and found for me by Don Matthews handmade tank from Karl Landrus backing plate & brake stay & wheels with new rims relaced by Tom McAllister ignition found by Scott MacDonald and installed / timed by Paul Peiroli and the massive effort by Norm Enders & Tom McAllister to put it all together.

why is it called Sredni? is a famous short story Sredni Vashtar written by English Writer HH MUNRO (left) published in 1912. In the story Conradin, a sickly boy in England, has only his imagination as an escape. He secretly cares for a huge pet ferret in an unused garden shed, and he begins to worship it as a God. His oppresive "Aunt" decides to do away with what she suspects is a Guinea Pig, but when she disappears into the shed, instead it kills her, and escapes. Many people have been involved with recordings (Orson Welles) or made reference to this, including RAF Pilot Richard Hillary, who named his Spitfire Sredni Vashtar. ARTICLE

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