Model Little Red and the Original Factory Robin Hannah's 1978 MaiCZo built by George Marshall

Robin is most well known in the VMX world for leading the Don Matthews CZ World Championships these last 4 years. He was diagnosed with terminal cancer in September 2017. Per Robin's request I only shared this unwelcome news with three people. The last of these was Model Little Red, who had been the Race Queen for the 2016 CZ World Championships. I said I wish I could do SOMETHING. I am going to go see him. She said to me it's too bad that we can't do a shoot with his race bike...... About 5 seconds went by. And I said you know what? We're going. Let's make it a celebration of Robin. So I asked each of these brethren to be there- all family or racing extended family - to stand with Robin high above the Golden Gate Bridge. George Marshall, Jimmy Wright, Brad Lackey, Harold Koehler, Tim Vasquez, Mark Alcorn, Jim Buckalew, Gerald Mauricio, wife Christine, sister Ronda, brother Leonard. It was wonderful.

1972 CZ center port engine 1978 Maico Magnum frame 1982 Kawasaki KX125 front end CZ rear hub 1982 Maico 490 pipe

Christine & Robin Hannah are joined here by bike builder George Marshall (plaid) Harold Koehler(stars & lightning) & Little Red.



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