With the Sun setting over the Sacramento River , Little Red with Gerald Mauricio's BSA Gold Star

Walter Handley lapped the Brooklands Circuit at over 100 miles; "the Ton"- and for this he was awarded the traditional gold star. BSA produced a new model; the Gold Star in 1937, the following year. The legendary and very desirable machine was produced for 25 years. Our example is one of the last iterations - the 1956 model DBD34. 500cc. This one, built for competition by Dick Mann, has CanAm forks/ front brake. Custom aluminum gas tank & oil tank. BTH ignition. Starts first kick. Love racing it. Neutral feel. Gobs of torque.

This shoot took place at the CZ World Championship weekend in April 2019. Looking west upon the Sacramento River, Marysville California.

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