1968 Bultaco Mk. 4 Pursang courtesy of Rick Salazar

------ I have had this bike for about 10 years, It was a race bike, not a show bike, I've just worked to clean it up. It has dings and scratches on the rims, and frame.  The previous owner worked in an auto body shop and he did the fiberglass and paint. I bought it from Mike Kaminski thru Ebay. My wife was in Utah for a funeral, but I couldn't attend because of work, so I had her and a couple of her brothers go to the mans house, and have him start it up, while I listened on the phone. When it started and ran well I told him I would buy it.  The man would regularly visit family outside of Las Vegas, so we made plans to meet there, where we concluded the purchase. I had to bribe my wife to go with me, by taking her to see Celine Dionne at Caesars Palace.

------I've always been a CZ man, but liked Bultacos and this model in particular. The fastest I was ever passed was in 1973 while racing was at Escape Country. Some guy riding a Mk4 passed me on a long straight like I was standing still. Unfortunately for him, he couldn't make the next turn. Last I saw him, he was cartwheeling thru the weed and old tires... Anyway I always knew I would eventually get one.


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