NOTES FROM JOHN The 501 was entirely built by Maico master John Caldwell at Canadian Maico. It is a 1971, a very early model, Engine number 501188 (of 600 thought to be built). It could be the earliest surviving 501! Original hardware (tank, rims, bars, etc), excepting the shocks and pipe (handmade by John per Maico specs) and seat base (also handmade by John Caldwell).

(Would be great to find some NOS shocks and a pipe and a kickstand, pretty impossible I guess.) The motor is std. bore, Mahle piston, new rod and all bearing and seals, etc. The bike is better than new as it sits, assembled with precision and care by John. I bought the bike because I think it is beautiful, a bit rare and it is fast. Just ask Super Hunky! Someday I will ride/race it (though not with the current tank!). It should be a rider and a show winner if the two are compatible.  


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