Blue Figures 1990

Oil Pastel on paper & canvas. 38 x 75"

Desperate after being turned down for acceptance into Cornish's prestigious 5th year program, I pleaded for my advisor Kathleen Rabel to help me. The following morning she and her husband Steven Hazel sat across from me. I had only met him a moment earlier. The waiter walked away with our breakfast order. In my right hand was the letter from the Faculty....

Abruptly he said FIVE VERY LOUD WORDS- ...and she said eight very calm words.

It took six seconds. And everything changed. I didnšt know it was the most significant turning point until some months later. I never went back to what I had been doing before. I am eternally grateful for the genius guidance. Išm not going to say what they said. But above you can see the difference between BEFORE and AFTER.


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