above: Crossing November 2019

BRIEFLY What is art? I believe it is a critical balance between the work of the artist and the perception of the viewer. These two - image and interpretation - balance against one another, and create a different experience for each person who views a piece of art. For that reason, the painter should never explain his paintings- ever - for any reason. It negates interpretation and ruins the viewerıs experience.

A Northwest native; I was born in Seattle and grew up on Bainbridge Island. I have been involved with both graphic design and printmaking since the 80s, and I obtained a BFA from the Cornish College of the Arts in 1991. Iıve been making my living as a professional artist ever since. Unofficially, I like to describe my style as "industrial figurative" because I often use type, technical imagery from atmospheric graphs, topographical maps.

As a young man, my nickname CJ got shortened to Siege, and the name stuck. It seems appropriate given the way I work; my process can be intense, and I am told my technique of applying and manipulating paint is unorthodox. . I start by building all my own frames from recycled cedar and I stretch my own canvases. Then I work on a distressed paper surface layered over the canvas, and I incorporating text in the compositionıs background as well as graphic elements its foreground. The surface is built up as I paint, push, pull, scratch, scrape, and "attack² these layers ­ occasionally with an industrial belt sander ­ to build up the images and colors in my paintings

above: the Trestle in Winter Late January 2019

I seem to have a penchant lately for bridges, birds, and boats. I have also created images of mechanical parts, engines, industrial tools, food, and occasionally the human form. My passion is racing- (I race vintage motorcycles) and some of my work reflects this obsession.

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Northwest Native ; grew up on Bainbridge Island, live in Seattle

Cornish College of the Arts- BFA : Fine Art •

Evergreen State College- BA :Film Production

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