Woody describes to Jonathan details about the 750 Triton and the roads in the Yorkshire countryside .

Riding in the UK is counter intuitive for an American who grew up on an RD350, riding on the right... and additionally having to shift on the right, (one up, three down on the Ariel, but one down, four up on the Triton, means I had to think forcefully as I rode. My brother Jonathan and I joined Woody for a quick jaunt out into Yorkshire to get used to the bikes. Simon and Woody both seem to have a never-ending cornucopia of incredible machinery blooming out onto the flagstones for us to drool over. And RIDE! Heaven. Friday packing up- and before I knew it we rolling to a stop, at midnight, in Heysham. Waiting for the 2am boat to Douglas.

Unbelievable. Garden Blooming as you can see.

A: (left to right ) 1938 BSA B21 250 1949 Ariel Red Hunter VH 500 1968 BSA Starfire 1938 New Imperial 36L


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