the Quinesssential photo of The Big Rat at Seattle International Raceway at the height of my Road Racing campaign, in 1994.


why the Rat? A: it is a tip of the Hat to my favorite band, and the greatest Album ever recorded; the Stranglers 1977 debut - Rattus Norvegicus I decided early on that if Graham Hill could have a salute to the London Rowing Club on his helmet, I could do the same in my own way.

One thing is weird is that in all the photos of the tank in direct sunlight there it appears that there is a distinct yellow stripe around the Rat which is not there in real life or in a photo in shade- note the lower portion of the rat inmy arm's shadow... Wischt! What's that about? more Road Racing photos

Road Racing We road raced motorcycles from 1989 to 1995. They say that road racers last three years before they are burned out, married or injured. I lasted seven. It was a necessary thing at the time. Jonathan was always slightly faster than me, to my exasperation and amusement. Again the picture - that image in my mind's eye - uncurling from the middle - that I had seen a young boy. Actually racing isn't what many imagine it as - the riders ahead of you only moved very slightly and if you can pass him you slip by slowly while everything else roars by.


1995 - my last Road Race - on Simon Pierre Smith's GSXR Special


showing my allegiance Daniel Smith Art Supplies shirt

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