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Born Christopher James Pirtle in Seattle November 1962, first of three children to a librarian and an attorney. Grew up on Bainbridge Island, known in school as an "artist". Spent untold hours riding bicycles, hit by a car in 1975, spent the summer in a bodycast. Parents split in '76, everyone moving to Seattle.

Attended Lakeside School. Dreamy, disorganized, with a passion for words, music, Jaguars and Ferraris. Still known in school as an artistic sort, constantly in trouble with grades. Ran Track & Cross Country, winning the Metro Championship in 1980. Started a band, even though I couldn't play the guitar. Graduated Class of '81.

Attended College at Evergreen State, studying film production. Bought my first motorcycle. Learned to play the bass, got serious about writing music. Adopted my nickname "Siege", short for CJ. Graduated in '85, BA. next page

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